Sunday, May 15, 2011

Frock of All Trades

Dress, Shoes, Earrings

EDIT: This was Wednesday's post, but then Blogger ate it and returned it with mistakes. When I tried to fix them today, it reposted as today's post. Grrr...

Academia: What didn't I do in this dress today? I watered Cary's garden, gave seminars to new students, walked all over campus in the 90-degree heat, helped more people find apartments, dealt with several students' "I didn't plan, now you have to help me RIGHT NOW" situations, went to a meeting at church, ate dinner at Moe's with my sister Suzanne, wrote an epic poem, learned to knit, was chosen as the first-string kicker on my university's football team, gave an interview to Vogue, and submitted a plan to the White House to resolve the conflict in Libya. It was quite a busy day for me.

Okay, maybe I didn't do some of those things. I certainly can't knit, and my plan for Libyan peace is a work in progress. But the other stuff, that definitely happened.

Sartorial: With such a full schedule today, I wanted an outfit that was comfortable and a no-brainer. Enter the most flexible dress of all time. (See other ways I wore it here, here, and here.) The problem I had was finding a way to cover my shoulders while staying cool in the heat. This shirt is lightweight, but still long-sleeved, and tying it at my waist created a sticky band of sweat there - gross. I think the time has come to invest in a short-sleeved cardigan. You know, if I can wedge shopping time in between football practice and poetry readings. I'm a very busy lady.

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