Monday, May 2, 2011

One Dress Three Ways: Dr. Mike's Graduation

Dress, Brian's Etsy shop

Here it is: my final of three looks this week involving this dress. I wore it today to celebrate my brother-in-law Mike's graduation from pharmacy school. Congratulations to Dr. Mike (and also to my hard-working sister, Mrs. Dr. Mike)!

I wore this dress with sandals for brunch and the after-party, but put it together this way for the graduation ceremony itself. And let me tell you, a comfortable jersey dress is what you want to wear for graduations with five or more speakers. Between all those addresses (including a scientific lecture from someone who sounded like the Godfather), and the fact that every graduate was getting a doctorate and thus had to be individually hooded, it was quite the long ceremony. I was very happy to be wearing a dress that wasn't squeezing me anywhere since I had to sit in it for upwards of three hours.

So there you have it: one dress, three looks, in less than a week. The dress cost $20, so the cost per wear is currently $6.67. My goal is to get that down to less than $1, which I'm sure I can do. This is seriously the most flexible dress I've owned in years.

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