About Me

Hey, I'm Emily. I'm an administrator at a major state university in the South. I'm an alumna twice over from that university, and I have nothing but love for my alma mater (clearly, or I wouldn't still be here). I work with international students, and I love them, my coworkers, the falling-down historic building I work in, and living in a college town.

One thing I don't love about academia is that there's not a ton of sartorial inspiration going on. I see a lot of brilliant people in clothes that are kind of blah. I just don't think that the pursuit of knowledge and looking cute are mutually exclusive. I want to prove that it's possible for anyone to balance smart and stylish in her wardrobe.

I've been married since July 2006, and my awesome husband Cary is an awesome elementary school teacher. No kids yet, but we do have two cats, George and Atticus, who do their best to prepare us for future parenthood by throwing up on things and waking us up in the middle of the night. We all live in a pretty normal house in a pretty normal neighborhood, and I take pictures in our backyard.
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