Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Dress Three Ways: Beach Dinner


It's nice to be out of my backyard, isn't it? Cary and I just got back from a weekend at the beach with friends, including the family of our awesome goddaughter S. They live in another state and we don't get to see them much, so it was great to visit and play with S. (who is two) and her sister R. (who is four). They're such funny kids and have such different personalities. For example, this is what they said about their playtime at the beach:

R: Miss Emily, I want you to come in the water with me. We can be mermaids.
S: I saw a sandcastle and I wanted to kick it. Um, but I didn't.

And that pretty much sums them up. Now about the outfit. This is the second way I've worn this dress (see the first way here). I wore it to dinner out with the adults on Friday night. The beach makes me want to dress simply, so I kept the accessories to a minimum. I felt good in this. The beach always makes me feel good.

Another reason I felt good: remember the job I interviewed for two weeks ago? About an hour before I took these pictures, I found out that I got it! Yay! I am officially the Student Life Advisor for my department now. My boss called me at the beach to tell me, so I got to celebrate with my friends. I'm taking tomorrow off for my brother-in-law Mike's pharmacy school graduation, but I'll start transitioning into the new job on Tuesday. Thanks for all your well-wishes! I'm so excited!

P.S. How could I not at least briefly mention the royal wedding on Friday? I loved Kate Middleton's (Princess Kate's?) dress. Loved it. And the whole thing was so romantic. My inner princess-loving six-year-old was thoroughly satisfied.

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