Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Dress Three Ways: On Campus

Yesterday, I went into Target, intending to buy shorts or a cute top for my upcoming trip to the beach this weekend. Instead, I bought this dress. I had sternly ordered myself not to buy any more dresses for a while, but as soon as I saw this one, I knew it would be well worth the $20 it cost. It's black, which is a flexible color, and it's jersey, which is a flexible fabric, and it's drapey, which means it can be dressy or casual. So I bought it, and am challenging myself to wear it three different ways in the next week. The above shot shows you what it looks like unadorned (as well as the lovely concrete slab that is my back porch).

Here's how I wore it today:


This is a pretty casual look, good for relaxed days on campus like today. I would probably wear this to teach as well, sneakers and all. I would definitely have to think of some other way of covering my shoulders if I were going to be outside much though, because The Heat and Humidity have arrived in the Deep South. If you've ever been here in the summer, you know why they deserve capital letters. It's That Hot and Humid. 93 degrees in April, y'all.

I also wanted to share a picture of the bracelet I'm wearing today. This was my grandmother's (as was my dogwood blossom necklace, but I couldn't get a good picture). Her name was Tunie, and this bracelet was a gift from a guy named Ed, whose name is engraved on the inside. I love wearing it and thinking about what a heartbreaker she must have been - she was a model, as well as Miss Greenville, South Carolina in the '40s - and wondering what happened to poor Ed, who, sadly for him, did not turn out to be my grandfather.

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