Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Comfort Zone


Today was one of those days that you wake up knowing is going to be difficult. Things are okay here - no one died or got fired or anything - but every life has its challenges, and today I had to deal with one of mine. Forgive me for being vague; it's just that on the internet, once you say something, it's out there. And if you've seen When Harry Met Sally a billion times like I have, I'm sure you just thought, "What are we supposed to do? Call the cops, it's already out there!" You didn't? Just me? Oh.

So, knowing that today would be tough, I defaulted to my sartorial comfort zone: my favorite jeans, a blouse that I've had forever, and comfy sandals. No thinking required, no teetering in heels or sucking in my waist for a tiny skirt, leaving me free to focus on the tasks at hand rather than my clothes. Some days are like that, even in Australia (name that children's book).

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