Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's a Major Award

Shoes, earrings

I was very excited yesterday to see that Kimi of All the Fuss gave me the One Lovely Blog award. Thanks, Kimi! The rules of the award are apparently like the rules of a chain letter, in that in addition to winning the award, I have to tell you seven random things about myself and pass the award on to 15 more people. I'm pretty new to blogging, so I'm not sure I actually read 15 blogs regularly enough to give them an award, but I do know seven random things about myself. So first, the award itself:

Now, the seven random things:
  1. My mother, my sister, and I all met our husbands at age 19.
  2. I'm descended from Thomas Paine on my father's side (check out the link - that nose made it all the way down to my grandfather), which explains my inflammatory pamphlet-writing and rabble-rousing tendencies.
  3. I have traveled to the UK, Puerto Rico, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Turkey.
  4. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, which is why my cat is named Atticus.
  5. I had a Titanic movie poster on my bedroom wall at my parents' house from the debut of the movie until I bought my own house 2 years ago (at which point my mother figured I was old enough to take it down).
  6. I played the trombone in my high school band.
  7. I got a subscription to Southern Living for Christmas, which I think means I'm officially an adult. Southern Living is pretty much the manual for being a Southern woman. 9 out of 10 dinners I ate as a kid came from Southern Living.
And now, the awards! I love reading alltumbledown, Better than BlandBon Chic Bon Gastronomique, BiblioMOMia, Monster Cakes, North Meets South, Spoils of Wear, The Other Emily, and Yours, Mine, and Ours. Not 15, but these are my very favorites and I read them every day.

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