Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm No Slouch (Except Today I Am)

Cardigan, Jeans, Earrings

Sorry for the wonky camera angles. I couldn't find a flat spot in my yard.
Academia: Fridays are kind of slow at work because there are no afternoon classes. And I'm not teaching a class at all this summer so I can get accustomed to my new duties (although I may add one in July). So I came to work this morning and just kind of hung out. I did some paperwork, solved a few minor student issues, and went to lunch with my work peeps. Yeah, I'm not really a person who says "peeps." I was just trying it out. Right now, I'm in my office catching up on blogging, and I'm leaving early to pick up Cary at the airport and head to the beach (again, yay!) for our church's annual retreat. After the hectic pace of the rest of this week, having a slow day has been kind of nice.

Sartorial: Well, I caved and bought a short-sleeved cardigan at Target yesterday. I also got shorts at Old Navy, but felt weird going to work with mostly naked legs, so you don't get to see those today. I got this oatmeal color because I figured it would go with everything, and it looks much less washed-out in person than the pictures make it appear. Actually, this whole outfit is better and more vibrant-looking in person. And I'm digging the slouchy chic vibe, especially since I'll be in the car for a few hours this afternoon. Yeah, I don't really say "digging" either. Maybe I just need to stay away from slang, especially outdated slang that no one my age ever uses.

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