Friday, May 13, 2011


Sometimes I twirl around in the backyard. Just for fun.
Well, Blogger was a punk and not only ate my post from Wednesday, but wouldn't let me post yesterday's pictures until just now. So here they are. Today's pics are coming in short order.

Academia: Yesterday was the first day of class for our students, so it was a rush-rush-rush day for me. I went to academic orientation and then spent the next few hours answering questions, helping people buy insurance, etc. And then all of a sudden, everyone was gone. Kind of like Blogger. My office was silent so I sat in my pink armchair (yes, I have a pink armchair in my office), put my feet up on my desk chair, and closed my eyes. If my life were a novel, we could have called the silence foreshadowing for my imminent internet silence. But, as always to my disappointment, my life is not a novel. And I don't have a movie soundtrack following me around, which is also a bummer.

Sartorial: I really loved this outfit, which only increased my frustration with Blogger because I was excited to share it with y'all. This skirt, while awesome, is a little big and sits just below my natural waist. For yesterday's retro-ish look, I wanted it higher than my natural waist, so I put on a belt and safety-pinned it to my skirt so it would stay in place. It worked, and I felt super-feminine and 50s all day. If my soundtrack actually existed, it would have been playing doo-wop music. And there would have been a breeze artfully blowing my skirt around, and people would have stopped their cars and hung out of the windows to watch me walk past. If my life ever gets made into a novel or a movie, all that stuff is totally happening.

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