Wednesday, July 13, 2011

War and Peace

Jeans, Earrings

Peace, y'all.
Academia: The week of crazy random problems continues. I love my job, y'all. I love the students. But this week feels like it got put in a can, shaken around real good, and then dumped out willy-nilly all over the calendar. There are two full-time teachers out due to medical emergencies, so we're all scrambling to cover for them. Consequently, half my day is gone to subbing all week.

In the remaining half of my day, I'm seeing students with roommate issues, students with parking issues, students with home entertainment system issues, students who are pregnant, students who need an orthodontist, and students who just want to vent and find me a convenient ventee. My job is pretty random on a normal day, so I'm okay with not really having a routine, but this week has been so random that I'm half-expecting one of the pregnant students to give birth in my office tomorrow. No, I'm not, universe! I didn't say that! No office births, please! Luckily, Cary and I are taking Friday off to join my parents for the weekend on Tybee Island, Georgia, where they've rented a house for two weeks. I need to go to the beach, y'all. Need.

Sartorial: This outfit is so breezy and comfy. I feel like such a hippie in it. I've worn black and white with green accents before (here and here), but I just love this color combination. Y'all can probably expect to see a variation on this theme again. This is definitely the flower-power-iest version I've worn so far. Which is good for such a crazy week, I think. If I can't have peace and love in my work, at least I can have it in my wardrobe.

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