Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Camel Rider

Necklaces (Katogo Long doubled and Katogo Short), Bracelet

Academia: Thanks for all of y'all's feedback yesterday! I'm going to keep this section of the posts, but try to focus it a little more on individual events rather than a rundown of everything I did in a day, and possibly talk about how fashion influences my job and vice versa. So, that said...

I ate lunch at Gyros Plus today, a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant near campus that is extremely popular with my Middle Eastern students. It's so yummy, but so messy. I spilled my Camel Rider sandwich on my shirt (ground beef, Middle Eastern spices, and hummus on a pita, mmmmm), so now I have a lovely grease stain to complement the rest of my ensemble. But on the plus side, I got to eat with about 12 of my students eyeing me from across the restaurant, which is never always fun. Were they waiting for me to pass judgment on their culture's food? Were they wondering why a teacher had shown up in the middle of their free time? Were they wondering if all Americans try to simultaneously wear and eat their food? Who knows. But the answers are delicious, because Cary ate my last frozen lunch, and I can't speak for all Americans, but in my case, yes.

Sartorial: I wore the warmer-weather equivalent of this outfit pretty recent, so I didn't really break any new ground here. I just like the combination of black and white with aqua and bright jewelry. Nothing really more to say about that. Now, where's my Tide-to-Go pen?

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