Thursday, January 26, 2012

One-Track Mind

Academia: I'm afraid this will be a brief post, y'all. My morning sickness, which seemed to have gone a few weeks ago, is suddenly back with a vengeance, and all I really want to do is go to bed. I think the pregnancy gods heard me bragging that I hadn't thrown up once and are now smiting me. Gross.

I'm sorry to have been so all pregnancy, all the time lately, readers. I know when I was trying to get pregnant, it killed me to have to read about other people having babies, so if you're in the same boat and need to stop reading for a while, I completely understand. It's just that being pregnant is way more all-consuming than I thought it would be - when I don't feel bad, I'm thinking about what the baby will be like, or what we'll name him/her, or what clothes I have that still fit. I'm hoping my regular brain will come back a bit once I get used to being pregnant, but until then, thanks for bearing with me and my single-mindedness, y'all.

Sartorial: This skirt used to be too big. Now it fits perfectly and I don't need a belt. Yay!

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