Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EBEW: DIY (It's Acronymtastic!)


Academia: Here's what I wore to work yesterday - no Columbus Day off for me, y'all. It's not a holiday my university celebrates, which I guess makes sense; we should probably be celebrating Leif Ericson Day, or European Settlers Were Pretty Jerky to Native Americans Day. But a day off would have been nice. Oh well.

Sartorial: Today is DIY Day at Everybody Everywear. I am not crafty at all and never make any clothes by hand, so I had to go with the only pair of pants I've ever hemmed on my own: these jeans. You can read all about the epic battle I fought with my antediluvian sewing machine here, but here's a quick summary: the jeans were about five inches too long when I bought them (why do retailers think all women are 5'10"? How many women wearing a size 4 really are that tall?), and I had a sewing machine, so I attempted an invisible hem. After about five hours of messing up, ripping out seams, crying, cursing at my sewing machine, and accidentally stabbing myself in the foot with a pin, I had hemmed jeans.

The good news is that these are now my favorite jeans. They're so comfy, and while they were a bit pricey and took a lot of effort to get to the right length, I've worn them so much that the cost per wear is probably $2 or less by now. I'm not particularly inspired to get the sewing machine back out and make my own clothes or anything, but if I ever need to hem another pair of pants, I know now that I can.


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