Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Pigtails make me 13% more fun.

Academia: Thanks for indulging my ranting yesterday, y'all. I promise I won't do that too often. My day yesterday was much better than my evening out on Friday, thank goodness. Work was peaceful, I left at a reasonable hour, and after much persuading by my mother than endorphins would make me feel less stressed about our baby-making struggles, I went to a zumba class for the first time in forever. And I did feel better. You were right, Mama.

Sartorial: With the retro plaid, the wide-leg jeans, and the French pigtails, I felt a bit like a twelve-year-old in 1975 yesterday. Probably not a look I should go for every day in my professional life, but it was so much fun to wear! I tried to think of a perfect word to describe how I felt, and it was spunky. I felt like I could win a baseball game against a team of ragtag boys, or solve a neighborhood mystery using only my trusty notepad and my keen mind. I often cast myself as the heroine of a novel, depending on my outfit. Obviously, today's outfit turned me into Trixie Belden. And my pigtails were perfect for keeping my hair back in zumba. I spent the day on a spunky, endorphin-filled high. I love when clothes do that.

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