Tuesday, September 6, 2011

T-Shirt Love

BraceletsRelient K 

Academia: My Labor Day was a blessed relief after a long working weekend. I went to lunch and shopping with my sister, watched Saturday's Doctor Who, and did some laundry. All in all, just what I needed.

Sartorial: I had something less casual in mind at first yesterday, but on a day off, I really just wanted to wear a t-shirt and shorts. So I pulled out one of my old favorites, a t-shirt I got at a Relient K concert about eight years ago. I've shied away from t-shirts since I started blogging because they didn't seem fashion bloggery enough, but a well-worn and well-loved t-shirt can be such a joy to wear that I think I should bring at least a few t-shirts back.

What do y'all think? Are t-shirts the domain of high schoolers and sorority social functions, or can they be stylish?

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