Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plain White T


I've had questions about how my hair is looking lately. Here it is, at the end of a long and humid day. Not its best look ever, but I didn't have time to redo it before I took pictures.
Academia: I think it's best this week if I don't write about work. Everything's cranking along in check-in week, but the stress of checking in the largest semester we've probably ever had plus the stress of managing two special programs is probably not anything I need to relive after I get home from work. I'm trying to teach myself to mentally shut work off when I'm not there, so here's me shutting if off. Click.

Sartorial: I hit the Labor Day sales over the weekend and bought some basics: a simple white t-shirt at Loft ($6!) and a pair of gray leggings at Stein Mart. We're supposed to dress professionally this week, so the leggings were out, but I wanted to find a way to dress up the t-shirt, and I think this worked. I just love wearing new clothes. I think I'd try to dress up a pair of bedroom slippers if they were new. Should I make this a style challenge for myself? Make sleepwear look like real clothes? Or is that just the exhaustion talking?

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