Friday, September 23, 2011

In Which I Take Down Martha Stewart

Brian's Etsy Shop
*Dress may be from TJ Maxx

Academia: Work was normal yesterday, but after work, Cary surprised me with a dinner out! Surprise date night = easily the best part of my day.

Sartorial: Today's Friend Friday is hosted by Elly from Adventures in Refashioning, and the challenge was to wear something you had refashioned, like a dress into a shirt or a pair of pants into a skirt. I am not remotely crafty (it took me six-plus hours to hem a pair of jeans), so this was more than a challenge for me; it was a pretty much insurmountable mountain range of needles and thread, at the top of which was standing Martha Stewart, mocking me. I've never refashioned a thing, other than to chop the legs of my jeans into work-inappropriate cutoffs.

So I went the cheater way out and "refashioned" a scarf of my grandmother's into a belt. I actually really love this scarf, but it's really long and I've never figured out how to wear it in my hair, so I was happy that it worked as a belt. I'm not sure how I feel about the outfit as a whole, but hey, I have a "refashioned" belt and I got a surprise date. So there, Martha Stewart.

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