Thursday, September 22, 2011

There Is Such a Thing as a Free Meal


Academia: Of all the perks of my job, one I did not expect was the more-than-occasional free meals. I've had lunches and dinners with visiting professors, student picnics, and yesterday I had a breakfast meeting with a hotel manager. Not only did I get what I came to the meeting for (volunteer placements for tourism major students and the promise of a proposal of rates for an upcoming special program), but I also got eggs, bacon, and hash browns. It was probably the most productive first hour of work I've ever had.

Sartorial: Like I said yesterday, I'm on a mission to make these new TOMS work with everything, including business meeting clothes. I figured my best bet would be to take the basics that I might normally wear to a business meeting and try to choose individual pieces that went with the TOMS. This outfit was the result of several false starts yesterday morning, but I ended up liking the menswear look of this. Plus, this outfit kept me comfortable until 9:00 last night, which is when I got home. And that's why I buy comfortable shoes like TOMS. Happy feet mean a happy day.

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