Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Complete Sentence Clothes

Academia: My check-in week duties officially ended yesterday, a week and three days after they began. The visiting professor I was responsible for chauffeuring around town, eating lunch with, and arranging meetings for headed back to his country this afternoon. Normally my boss is in charge of hosting visiting professors, but she's out of the country, so it fell to me this time. It was a big responsibility, but I feel like everything went well and the professor seemed to be happy with his trip. And if he was, I really hope he emails my boss and tells her so. Fingers crossed.

Sartorial: Since the mandated period of business wear that is check-in week ended, I felt perfectly okay finally wearing leggings to work yesterday. Yay leggings! I paired them with this dress, which I love but is a tad too short for work. Combining two pieces of clothing that can't stand alone to form a complete outfit made me happy, just like combining a dependent clause with an independent clause to form a complete sentence makes me happy. Yes, grammar makes me happy. I teach English, y'all. I can't help it.

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