Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frappuccinos and Flattering Pants

Brian's Etsy Shop, Bracelet 

Academia: Yesterday was a blessed relief after the previous 10 days. I worked quietly in my office, I helped students with very manageable problems, and got out of a meeting across campus early enough to treat myself to a frappuccino on my way back. I'm sure the semester holds plenty of challenging days yet, but yesterday wasn't one of them, and for that, I am grateful.

Sartorial: Walking to a cross-campus meeting in 90 degree heat calls for simple clothes. I wanted to wear this white t-shirt again, but I had an awful time trying to decide what to pair with it. After half my closet was piled on my bed, I pulled out these trouser jeans, which I was sure wouldn't fit because my diet lately has consisted of Sonic and Starbucks. But what do you know, they slid right on and flattered all the parts they were supposed to flatter. Just another small happiness, like my mid-afternoon frappuccino, that made yesterday a nice day.

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