Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swelter and Simplicity

Dress, Cardigan, Brian's Etsy Shop

Academia: As promised, here is what I wore on Friday. Friday was a day of a lot of running around. I went to a doctor's appointment at lunchtime, and then I left work early to go on a church leadership retreat. The retreat was about two and a half hours away from here, and we all got to stay at a hunting lodge that looked like it fell out of the Old West. Except for the shuffleboard court and enough bedrooms for 17 people. It was pretty awesome, and we all felt like our church might be in need of some more retreats. Like soon.

Sartorial: The thermometer in my car said 100 degrees on Thursday, not counting the humidity, so when I got dressed on Friday, I wanted to be as cool as possible. I've worn this combination of cardigan and dress several times (here, here, and here), but it's cool, comfortable enough for a long car ride, and basically a blank canvas for accessories. One thing the 30x30 taught me was not to be afraid of repeating outfits on the blog, because accessories really can make a difference in the overall look of an ensemble. I loved this combination of animal prints, and I loved that I wasn't sweating buckets. Sometimes simpler is better, especially when the temperature is in the triple digits.

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