Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Want to Hold Your Hand

Dress, Cardigan 

Academia: I've been an advisor in my program for almost a year now, and over that time, I've learned a lot. I've learned that Google Translate is my BFF. I've learned that you can giggle just as easily with a woman who speaks two words of your language as you can with a girlfriend, because the things we giggle about - like men - don't change from culture to culture. And I've learned that while some students never need my help, some students always need my help. This is true every day, but I saw a few "always need help" students today, so I've been turning it over in my mind this afternoon.

I think it's that moving to a new country affects different people in different ways. Some people hit the ground running and are perfectly happy figuring things out on their own. Others reach for the nearest outstretched hand (mine) and grab on tight. I'm happy working with both kinds of students, but I get to know the hand-holders a lot better because I see them all the time. I know when I see them in the hall that they are going to have a question, even if they hadn't thought of it until the moment they saw me. Living abroad is scary, you know? If I can make it less scary, even if I have to do the same things over and over for the same students, I think it's worthwhile.

Sartorial: Holding people's hands is easier in comfortable clothes, and this outfit is supremely comfortable. I didn't change when I got home because it's so comfortable. I had something different planned, but overslept and didn't have time to iron. And while this is yet another black dress belted with this cardigan, I felt happy in it, so I declare that it worked. I like declaring things. I also declare that "supposably" is not a word, that the beach at Pawleys Island, SC, is the best in the world, and that everyone should watch and love Doctor Who.

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