Monday, May 30, 2011

A Shorts Story

Shirt, Shoes, Earrings 

Academia: Happy Memorial Day! I hope y'all are enjoying the holiday. I celebrated by spending the morning in my pajamas, taking an online traffic course to avoid getting points on my license after getting a speeding ticket a couple of months ago. Turns out that a "four hour traffic course" really only has about 90 minutes of actual content, but since four hours are required, you can't complete the course until you've logged that much time online. I've got about an hour left and I'm pretty much done with all the reading. Fun times.

To alleviate the total thrill that is online traffic school, I took a break this afternoon, got dressed, and went to see Bridesmaids with some girlfriends from work. And I thought it was great. There were a few parts that were a little raunchy for me, but those moments weren't too many and I thought the movie did a wonderful job showing what it's like when one friend is moving on to a new stage in life and another isn't. So, two thumbs up (with one eye shut during some of the gross moments).

Sartorial: Since I didn't go to work today, I took advantage of the rare opportunity to wear shorts on this blog. Hello, legs! I got these shorts a few weeks ago at Old Navy and they have become my go-to weekend wear. I love that they're a little baggy and a little long, and that they have giant pockets. They're so comfy that I left them on to sit on the couch, blog, finish traffic school, and watch reruns of Doctor Who on Netflix. And that's really saying something. Couch-sitting is usually a job for yoga pants.

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