Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Was So Right On Thursday...

... about The Baby-sitters Club being like Sex and the City in terms of fans comparing themselves to characters. I just found this article at Zooey Deschanel's new(ish) entertainment site for women, Hello Giggles, called "Which Babysitters Club Member Are You?" Although the author forgets to mention a few characters (sorry, Jessi), she firmly cements my childhood perception of myself as wanting to be Claudia (she had her own phone line), but actually being Mary Anne.

PLUS, there's a link to an article called, "Which American Girl Are You?" I'd better be Felicity because that's the doll I had and I went to Williamsburg, Virginia on my honeymoon. Not because of the doll. Just because it sounded nice and we could drive there. Although I did spend our day in colonial Williamsburg saying, "This isn't how I pictured it in Changes for Felicity." Luckily, Cary didn't get creeped out and try to trade me in for a less weird wife when we got home.

EDIT: I just read the article, and I am Felicity! Just like the article says, I wanted Felicity because her clothes were the prettiest, I have an affinity for lovely things, I've always tended towards self-righteousness a little bit, and I have a latent familiarity with colonial Williamsburg! Yay!

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