Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not a Father's Day


Academia: Nothing unusual to report, except that I turned in my online driving school certificate at the courthouse. Why is it that government offices are always slower than molasses in January? Is the work that complicated, or that uninspiring? All I wanted to do was hand my certificate to a live person, and it took me half an hour. *End gripe*

Sartorial: How do y'all like my necktie-belt? Cary got it for me over the weekend. He and Brian were out buying stuff (I think for my birthday) and they saw this belt in a $1 bin. Brian thought it was a tie and wanted to buy it, but then they realized it was an awesome $1 belt and bought it for me. It's kind of funny - my birthday is on Father's Day this year, and they got me a pseudo-tie. Well, I think it's funny. Y'all don't have to. Anyway, I really like it. It's like a combination of an obi and a necktie. Since the colors are pretty loud, I tried to tone down the rest of the outfit, and I'm pleased with how it all turned out. Happy Not a Father's Day to me, indeed.

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