Thursday, June 2, 2011

... And the Livin' Is Easy

Necklaces: Katogo Long, doubled, and Katogo Short 
Full skirts inspire me to flamenco dance.

Academia: Y'all, I need to add a class in the second half of the summer. Everyone is getting along fine so far, and so today was a slow day. I worked on a packing list for our trip to California in a couple of weeks and researched hiking trails in Yosemite National Park. I read blogs and went home early. I'm not trying to invite a bunch of crises on myself, but the pace needs to pick up a little bit.

Sartorial: Another day oversleeping, another ironing-free outfit. I really liked the bright pink shirt with the bright green sandals, and the Bead for Life necklaces tied everything together well. And the skirt has an elastic waistband, which is always a good thing. And I buckled the belt one notch skinnier than the last time I wore it. Healthy eating FTW!

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