Monday, August 29, 2011

Party Dress (Okay, Party Skirt. Same Thing.)


Academia: I've been debating the pros and cons of prewriting and scheduling my posts for a while now. On one hand, I really like the immediacy of writing about an outfit the same day I wear it, but on the other hand, rushing home from work to take pictures and post doesn't always produce my best writing. In the interest of having time to write better posts, I've decided to go with prewriting and scheduling from now on. I'll still be posting about what I wear on work days, except Friday's outfit will be posted on Monday, Monday's on Tuesday, etc.

I actually wore this outfit on Saturday. Our program was recently accredited by the highest accrediting agency in our field, so my boss threw a party at her house to celebrate on Saturday afternoon. After a ton of hard work, it was great to spend a few hours drinking champagne, eating cake, and relaxing with everyone. Kind of like a wedding, except no uncomfortable shoes, and more chicken feeding. My boss has chickens. Everyone's kids wanted to feed them. And then were charged by angry, food-seeking chickens. Fun times.

Sartorial: I know I just wore this skirt on Thursday, but it's new and I like to wear new things. I liked it better paired with this shirt than the one I wore on Thursday, and as always, it was like wearing pajamas. However, I learned that maxi skirts aren't great in 98 degree heat, even in the shade of a big front porch. So I'll probably be restricting this skirt to indoor wear until November or so. Which is when summer ends down here.

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