Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No People and Walmart

Skirt, Brian's Etsy Shop

Academia: Back to work today. It's so quiet without the students. I just worked and worked with no interruptions, and I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish. It was weird. I know we're here to serve the students, and I like having them around. But sometimes, it's nice just to get stuff done and not have a line of people at my office door.

Sartorial: I've worn this skirt several times since buying it, and haven't found an outfit it didn't go with yet. Today, I decided to put it to the test and try to pair it with my oldest, scruffiest sneakers, just to see if it would work. I'm kind of on the fence about whether or not it does. But pretty much no one saw me today, except for y'all, so it was a good day to experiment.

Also, how do you like my $4 shirt from Walmart? I normally avoid Walmart because the combination of shelves falling in on me, screaming children, and parents screaming back at them is more than I want to stand on a regular basis, but I was there about six weeks ago, buying thread or glue or something, and these shirts were on sale. I thought, "I like stripes. I like only spending $4. Why not?" I've worn it a bunch since then (just never on a blog day), so I think I've definitely gotten $4 worth of wear out of it.

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