Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Color Blocked

Academia: Today was just another quiet day of getting things done uninterruptedly. Except for the part where I hauled 100 pounds of brochures on a wonky-steering cart across campus in the 95 degree heat. That part was not quiet at all, thanks to the ear-piercing squeak the cart developed halfway through our journey together. But the day is ending with a cherry limeade from Sonic, a new skirt from Modcloth (tune in tomorrow to see it!), and a get-together with friends. And without a wonky, squeaky cart.

Sartorial: Since there weren't many people around to see me today (except for the hundred or so people who watched me struggle across campus with the squeaky cart), I decided to give color blocking a concerted effort. I've never been bold enough to really do this before, but I ended up liking how it came out a lot. I think the colors are different enough, but still in the same color family. Is "color family" a thing? You can tell I spend a lot of time thinking/reading/talking about Fashion. 

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