Monday, August 1, 2011

New Clothes Days are the Best Days

Blouse, Skirt

Academia: Today was a pretty normal day at work. Highlight: finding volunteering placements for two students. Yay! Lowlight: listening to people insist they haven't ever been absent when I am staring right at their attendance record on the computer. It was kind of like the time my niece got into the wading pool when she wasn't supposed to, and when my sister-in-law asked her what happened, she said it had rained. Just on her. From the waist down only. Except she was about four, and my students are adults. I love my job. I really do. I don't normally complain this much about it. This group of students just needs to go.

Sartorial: In funner news, new clothes! New clothes! Huzzah! Not only is the 30x30 over, but my mom took me shopping on Saturday and I got all kinds of cute stuff, mostly from my favorite store in the world, Loft. Am I predictable? Yes. But am I also well-dressed? I say yes. I love this pencil skirt and this blouse apart and together. My mom said this outfit looked French. Do I agree? Oui.

Also, do y'all have Stein Mart? Stein Mart is awesome. I always thought it would be kind of messy and overwhelming like TJ Maxx, but it turns out it's fantabulous. I got these shoes, another pair of shoes, a lightweight blazer, and the cutest trench coat I've ever seen. I wish it weren't a jillion degrees out so I could wear it. I will definitely be visiting Stein Mart all the time again. Stay tuned tomorrow for Loft and Stein Mart 2: Electric Loftaloo.

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