Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones

Dress, Brian's Etsy Shop 

Academia: I could be wrong about this, but I think that deep down inside of every academic, there's a little academic who wants to be this guy:

Indiana Jones is pretty much the coolest professor ever. He looks good, he's brilliant, and somehow he found a university to work for that almost never requires him to physically be at the university. He fights Nazis with a whip, outruns giant boulders, and wears a cool fedora. If I were Indiana Jones and an apartment complex screwed over one of my students, all I'd have to do is growl intimidatingly at them and they'd let the poor student out of their lease, which seems completely reasonable since the apartment included a broken shower that they still haven't fixed. You know, hypothetically.

Sartorial: My dress may not say, "I retrieve ancient religious artifacts from the desert," but I'm pretty sure my blazer does! I adore my new dress, but I needed to cover my shoulders for work, so I added the blazer and Cary said it looked very Indiana Jones. I got really excited and added the animal print shoes, because, you know, nothing says "badass treasure hunting professor" like animal print. Just give me a fedora and I'm ready to melt the faces off some bad guys. I'm looking at you, hypothetical apartment complex.

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