Friday, July 22, 2011

On the PCH

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Blue and green feet!
Academia: This has been a weird semester at work: ridiculously bad attendance from basically everyone, teachers having to quit, and on and on. So it was good that today was Friday, and the semester is nearing the end. Pretty much enough said.

In happier news, my sister and brother-in-law closed on their first house today! Yay! We had dinner at our house with friends, and then field tripped over to their new house (only five minutes from ours!) to drink champagne and take the tour. Actually, the girls arrived at the house first, so we had a girls' tour and a guys' tour. Featured on the girls' tour: closets. Featured on the guys' tour: the future location of the grill. We don't try to be stereotypical; it just happens. Then we came back here and had dessert. It was a wonderful evening.

Sartorial: This top and these pants have proven to be real workhorses in the 30x30. I put them on together this morning and then felt inspired to go all blue and green. I was thinking about this:

The Pacific Coast Highway is gorgeous and cool, which is exactly how I want to feel on a hot July day. Better yet, I just want to be on the Pacific Coast Highway again. Like now. But in the absence of beautiful views and chilly breezes, dressing like beautiful views and chilly breezes is the best I can do.

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