Sunday, July 10, 2011


Like any good fan of clothes, I love watching makeover shows. My favorite is What Not to Wear. I love watching Clinton and Stacey help the participants dress like how they feel on the inside. And to be honest, sometimes I just like watching them tell people that wearing their 12-year-old daughter's clothes is not okay. I love how excited most of the participants are to show off their new wardrobes at the end. I daydream about getting nominated for that show so I can have a $5000 shopping spree in New York City. If I start wearing sweatpants every day, will y'all nominate me? Pleeeeease?

As our wardrobes sometimes need an overhaul, our blogs do too. As you can see, I've made over the layout of Academia Sartorial. I liked the old template, but just like the black flip-flops I wore with everything in college, it didn't do everything I originally thought it could. Black flip-flops + church dress = wrong. So to clean up the look of the blog, to make it more stylized and easy to read, I've switched over to this format. I welcome your feedback on how this is working for you, the readers. I like it so far, but if there's something that seems off to you, shout it on out!

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