Monday, July 11, 2011

Listening Ears


Academia: As student life coordinator in my program, I'm the person the students come to with personal problems. Usually, these are problems like, "I got a parking ticket," or "I have a sore throat," and they're pretty easy to deal with and move on from. Today, however, was a day of BIG personal problems, or problems that were small but extremely personal - not problems that I could always help with either.

Did your teacher ever tell you to put on your listening ears when you were a kid? I'm a teacher, and I told myself that today. Sometimes I get in a hurry when I'm helping students because I know there's a line outside my door and everyone wants to see me in the 15 minutes they have between classes, but today I had to remind myself to really slow down and listen to people. I think I need to do that more often anyway; today was a good start.

Sartorial: This is the second time in this 30x30 that I've worn this dress under a shirt, and I really like it. It's comfortable but still put-together-looking. I love how the 30x30 is helping me find new ways to wear things. This is my 15th outfit, so I'm halfway there. I may not be singing the same tune 15 outfits from now, but for now, I'm happy.

P.S. The glasses are because I didn't sleep well and couldn't stand the idea of putting contacts into my sleepy eyes. But I think they make me look serious and guidance counselor-y, which is exactly how I needed to be at work today. Maybe I should wear them more often?

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