Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teacher Amy Celebrates the 50s

Academia: I could tell you about work today, but it was pretty much like last week: busy. So instead, I'm going to tell you about my trip to Walmart last night. I promise this is going somewhere.

Cary needed some supplies for his convalescence, and it was getting late. Target is on the other side of town, so I headed to DOS Walmart, the closest to our house. DOS stands for Dregs of Society, a name coined by Cary's brother, and it pretty accurately describes the way this Walmart is. I was wandering the aisles, trying to puzzle out DOS Walmart's system of organization, when I found one of my students shopping with her husband and baby (not DOS people). This student speaks about thiiiiiiiis much English, as does her husband, so we had a really brief, really interesting conversation. It went like this:

Me: Hi!
Student: Teacher Amy! My actual name has too many syllables for some beginners.
Me: How are you?
Student: Teacher Amy, this the husband. (Points at husband)
Husband: Hello? (Looks confused)
Student: (Explains in Arabic)
Husband: Ahhhh! Teacher Amy! How are you!
Me: I'm good, and you?
Husband: Good!
All of us: (Stare awkwardly, then giggle at the fact that we've run out of things to say)

Sartorial: Well, I didn't wear this to Walmart. I could show up in my PJs to DOS Walmart and no one would blink. I wore this to work today. And every time I wear this skirt, I love it more. It's so full and swishy. It always makes me feel like I've traveled back to the 50s, which was an awesome decade for fashion. You know, minus girdles and cone-shaped bras. And this mink wrap that my grandmother owned, which still had eyes and feet. But otherwise, yeah, yay 50s! Yay skirt!

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