Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taxi Driver

Dress, Shoes 

Academia: At the beginning of every semester, I coordinate housing and shopping help for new students. I hire undergrad assistants to help drive the students to apartment complexes, the grocery store, and Walmart. This is a service for new students. New.

At the beginning of last semester, a returning student who lives on an inconvenient bus route showed up for shopping help. He didn't need help. He just needed a ride to the store. But I figured it was a one-time thing, so I sent him along with an assistant and assumed that was the end of that.

Imagine my surprise when, 15 minutes after everyone else had gone home, as the assistant and I were walking to our cars, the same student ran up asking for shopping help. Dude. This is cultural adjustment help, not a taxi service. Since he was there and the assistant was willing, I let him go. But I also told him not to try again next semester. I mean, really. Not a taxi service.

Sartorial: The 30x30 continues. I wanted to prove that I could wear this dress to work without a cardigan, and I think this was a success. Although now that I'm looking at it, I'm kind of wearing the colors of a NYC taxi cab. So maybe I've been sending out "I'm a taxi service" signals all day. I should look back and see if I wore this on shopping day last semester too.

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