Monday, June 27, 2011

Headband First

T-shirt, Brian's Etsy Shop

Academia: Nothing like diving headfirst into an orientation week to shake off that last little bit of vacation lethargy and jet lag! Today started our half semester, so there was no time to ease back into work. I ran around like a crazy person from 8:00-5:00, and lucked out that no students wanted to look at apartments this evening, or I'd still be doing that right now. It was a good day, and it's good to be back at work and in a routine. It was just kind of like diving headfirst into a very cold swimming pool - a shock at first, but then gradually more and more comfortable.

Sartorial: I'm back to (albeit waaaay behind on) the 30x30. This is my fourth outfit. I didn't ban myself from shopping during this challenge, but I don't really see the point since I can't wear anything new until this is over, and I'm not one to buy something and not wear it right away. So when I felt in a shoppy mood yesterday, I bought this headband and designed my outfit around it. I really liked the way it turned out, and I probably wouldn't have thought to put any of this together before, so yay for the 30x30! I'm happy to be back in this sartorial routine as well.

P.S. These earrings are no longer for sale because my lovely mother-in-law bought them for me for my birthday! Thanks, Sheryl (and happy birthday to you today)!

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