Wednesday, June 15, 2011

T-Minus 12 Hours


Academia: Here it is: my last day before vacation. I really want today to feel like the last day of school, or at least a Friday, but it feels more like the day before a final exam. A bunch of stuff that I'm normally responsible for has to happen without me next week, and putting the mechanisms in place for it to run itself, knowing that I won't be here to fix anything, is a bit stressful. It's not that I don't trust the people who are filling in for me; I do. I just want everything to be super easy for them since they're already doing me a huge favor by helping out, and I want my boss to be impressed by my organizational skills since I'm new to this job.

Luckily, I know myself well enough to look forward to the moment the plane takes off and I forget I ever had any responsibilities at all. The further I am from work, the less responsible I feel. And since California is 3000 miles away, I'm anticipating a pretty carefree vacation.

One reason I'm going to be carefree is that I have some great guest bloggers lined up, as well as a series on what I wear in the non-academia part of my life. So don't you go on vacation too - Academia Sartorial will be up and running the whole time I'm gone!

Sartorial: I'm really loving the 30x30. Today I wanted to wear something I'm not bringing to California, which restricted my choices even more severely than the normal restraints of the 30x30 do, so I tried something new to me and layered a shirt over a dress. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I got compliments, so I think the general public was pleased too.

Follow-Up: Yesterday I made some predictions about how my day would go. Let's see how many came true!
  1. Student medical services will call because they can't understand our students. They didn't, although I did interact with them in other ways yesterday.
  2. At least one student will have a weird problem I couldn't have anticipated. A student had her bike stolen, which was unusual, but I kind of anticipated it because I wrote a blurb for our student newsletter this week about bike theft prevention. My boss asked me to write it, so I guess she really anticipated this one, not me.
  3. I will discuss Monday's storm with another faculty member. I discussed it with my mom, not a faculty member. I was busy yesterday and didn't have a lot of chatting time.
  4. At least one student will stop by to say hello and will make me laugh. Lots of students said hey as they passed my office, but no one hung around to amuse me. I guess they had to go to "class" or whatever. Jeez, students.
So clearly my predicting skills aren't 100%. Good thing I didn't pursue my other dream of being a psychic.

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