Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chantilly Lace

Academia: I wanted to get a jump on Everybody, Everywear and post early today, but I'm posting so early that nothing has really happened yet. So instead of a recap of what I did today, I offer you some predictions. I predict that our student medical services will call at least once because they can't understand our students. I predict that at least one student will have a weird problem that will have been impossible for me to anticipate, either involving their health or an online purchase that they want to return/reschedule/file a complaint about. I predict that I will have at least one discussion of yesterday's storm with either another faculty member or a student. I'm pretty sure I'm going to instigate that discussion - see yesterday's post on our Storm Ride of Death. Finally, I predict that at least one student will stop by just to say hello, and will probably say something that makes me laugh. Come on, that one student!

Sartorial: Today is Everybody, Everywear's Lace Day. I was a little stumped by this one because I don't really love/own that much lace. I liked lace on my wedding dress, but I'm not a huge fan for everyday wear. So I had to bring it into the outfit in small ways. If you look carefully at the hem of my skirt, there's some lace there. My scarf is also lace, which I was unsure when I first put it on because it feels a bit bridal to wear lace on my head, but now I'm okay with. This outfit also had to fit within the parameters of my 30x30. All these constraints pushed me a little out of my sartorial comfort zone, and I actually think I like it. Stay tuned; by the end of the 30x30 I may be dressing like Lady Gaga. No, I won't. I think she's tacky. Go ahead and write me off as visionless and bourgeois. Wearing a dress made of meat is still tacky.

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