Monday, June 13, 2011

Storm Ride of Death

Shoes, Earrings

Academia: After a pretty normal day at work, Cary and I headed an hour north to have dinner with his parents, aunt and uncle, brother, and niece. It was Steak Night. It draws a crowd. The sky was looking pretty black as we were heading for the interstate, but that's typical of a summer afternoon here. However, two minutes after we got on the highway, nature let forth a storm of Biblical proportions. I'm not kidding. This one was a behemoth.

As native Southerners, Cary and I fancy ourselves pretty unflappable by storms. We've driven through tropical depressions, heard lightning strike a block away without jumping, and slept through hurricanes. But I have never been in car during a storm like this one. First, there was torrential rain and tropical storm strength gusts of wind. Then there was lightning striking on the shoulder of the road. Then there was hail, and not just a little hail, but what sounded like a gravel truck emptying out onto our car. This went on for 20 minutes. I haven't been nervous in a car in a storm in a long time, but I breathed a big sigh of relief when we came out on the other side of that mess.

Sartorial: Today was Day 1 of the 30x30, and I really loved this outfit. So much so that I wore for the Storm Ride of Death this afternoon, even though I had the chance to change into shorts when I came home from work. It brought me some measure of comfort knowing that if we were struck by lightning or impaled by giant hailstones, I would die looking cute. I had clean underwear too. Moms of the world, be proud.

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