Thursday, June 16, 2011

Extra-Curricular: Church Lady

Hey y'all. For the next 10 days, I'm on vacation in sunny California. But never fear - Academia Sartorial will carry on! I have a series called "Extra-Curricular" lined up, which will feature what I wear when I'm not in the world of academia, as well as a few guest posts from some awesome bloggers I know you'll love. So without further ado...

Academia: One thing I do other than work at a university is go to church. Cary and I go to an Anglican church not far from our house, and we love it. Our priest is a great guy, the teaching is right on, and we have good friends there, including both of our siblings and their families. We go to the contemporary (read: guitar music) service at 11:00, and we usually get lunch afterwards with friends.

Sartorial: This outfit is pretty typical of what I wear to church every week. Our church is pretty informal, and people wear everything from ties to sneakers. There aren't any restrictions about ladies covering their shoulders or heads, so this outfit was fine for a Sunday service. However, it's normally at subzero temperatures in the sanctuary. I guess, "Thou shalt freeze thy brethren to death, thus necessitating the use of a jacket even when it's 95 degrees outside," is a commandment my Sunday school forgot to teach me.
I asked God for a breeze to make me look windblown and model-y.

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