Friday, June 17, 2011

Extra Curricular: Photo Shoot

I'm still on vacation, so the Extra-Curricular series continues! Stay tuned on Monday for my first-ever guest post, by Shea of Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique. It's wonderful and I promise you'll love it. Check it out, and until then, have a great weekend!

Academia: Another thing I do besides work at a university is moonlight as a model for educational advertisements. No, really. Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago at work, my friend Melina was taking pictures of some of our students around campus to enter in a photo contest for intensive English programs. She needed a blonde head to make the pictures more multicultural, so I volunteered. It was a lot of fun, and the combination of our gorgeous campus and Melina's great direction meant that the pictures turned out wonderfully. If we don't win the contest, I'll... um... okay, I don't know what I'll do, but trust me, the contest people will be sorry they didn't pick us.

Sartorial: Melina asked to wear anything we had with our university's logo or mascot on it, and I did for the actual shoot. I'm a little leery of posting any direct reference to the school that employs me online though. I can't think of anything bad in particular that would happen, but just in case my blog gets super famous and the university gets mad at me for using its logo without permission or saying its employees have tacky clothes, it's probably best that I just let you infer where I am instead of telling you directly.

The outfit I wore to the shoot was basically the one in these pictures. The shirt was the same color, just with the initial of my school on it. I wanted to look collegiate and all-American, so I wore the Chucks and the jeans. I felt like College Emily 2.0 - older, wiser, and more stylish than Original College Emily. Too bad there's not a way to go back and tell Original College Emily that flip-flops don't go with everything. That was a lesson that took a while to learn.

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