Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guest Lecturer: Kimi from All the Fuss

I'm still on vacation, cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in sunny California. Today, the Guest Lecturer series continues with the smart and stylish Kimi of All the Fuss. I discovered Kimi's blog a few months ago and was immediately drawn to her sense of style and her sense of humor. She has a collection of graphic t-shirts to be admired, and makes dressing for Minnesota weather look like a very fashionable piece of cake. Personally, I'd be wearing a Snuggie all day, every day for nine months out of the year if I lived as far north as, say, Kentucky. Here she is, bringing a much-needed dose of coolness to this blog. Enjoy!

The good? Emily asked me to guest blog for her while she is on vacation! The bad? I stepped on a dead snake immediately after this picture was taken. Oh well. A reptile carcass is no match for an intrepid style blogger on the hunt for a good shot. Also, my backyard is overrun with garter snakes (as is the rest of the neighborhood, which is situated in a valley near a river), so chances are I will stumble across one now and then.

Administrative: Before you assume I parade around the office like this, let me assure you, I did wear a long cardigan all day. My office gets pretty chilly, and partially see-through tank tops aren't office appropriate on their own. I wore this (plus sweater) to respond to email, coordinate meetings, fix the printer, mail stuff, retrieve mail, take notes, and stare at the clock - you know, a typical day in the life of an office drone.

Sartorial: I wear this thrifted skirt ALL the time. I love it. In fact, this outfit is fairly representative of my go-to style at the moment: flowy skirt, fitted shirt, belt, and wedges or sandals. I feel good in this outfit. In addition to not falling apart immediately after being purchased, that is basically all I ask of my clothes: that they make me feel good.

Wait. Did I forget to introduce myself? My bad! I'm Kimi, and I blog over at All the Fuss. Come visit my little corner of the bloggy world sometime!

Many thanks to Emily for letting me crash at her blog for the day. Laters!

One of the many snakes we encountered this season (the "shovel" is actually a garden trowel).

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