Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extra-Curricular: Market Day

Academia Sartorial proudly presents another installment in the Extra-Curricular series. Tune in tomorrow for a new guest post by Kimi of All the Fuss, another fabulous fellow fashion blogger. Alliteration FTW!

This is my superhero pose.
Academia: My town has three farmers' markets. The first is downtown and is for people who are selling unpasteurized milk and homemade soap. The second is on the highway out to the country and is for actual farmers. And the third is in the snootiest neighborhood in town and is for people who want to buy locally collected honey and have their dogs groomed at the same time. Guess which one I went to in this outfit?

Sartorial: If you guessed the third, you're right! My sister Suzanne is a nanny in said snooty neighborhood, so she knew about their Saturday farmers' market and invited us to go with her and Dr. Mike a few weekends ago. I knew it was game on as far as looking fancy, but like I didn't try too hard to get that way. A simple dress with sandals (that no one had to know cost $8.88) did the trick. At least, I think it did - no one stopped me and said, "You obviously live in a lower middle class neighborhood!" but I suppose they might have been thinking it.

And honestly, this is the best farmers' market to try to blend with sartorially. If I had gone to the second market, I would have had to wear camo or faded jeans and an old t-shirt if I wanted to blend, and for the first, I would have had to stop shaving under my arms three weeks before. So let's all breathe a sigh of relief that I chose the snooty market, because I'm pretty sure the pictures from the other two would not have been pretty.

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