Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Good Wife


Academia: Today is Cary's birthday, and I've been an awesome wife for it, if I do say so myself. Things I did to be awesome today:
  1. Got us tickets to see Les Miserables when we're in Los Angeles on vacation next month.
  2. Got the batteries replaced on all his dead watches.
  3. Stayed up late to put birthday notes around the house (a tradition in his family that we've carried on into ours).
  4. Got up early to watch him find the birthday notes.
  5. Organized our friends to eat dinner at Five Guys.
  6. Wore this dress, which is one of his favorites.
Let me be clear: Cary is a wonderful husband and totally deserved all of this. He may or may not be reading this over my shoulder right now. But it's true either way. It's also true that I'm basically the best wife ever.

Sartorial: Like I said, this dress is one of Cary's favorites, so I pulled it out and tried to remix it for his birthday. I wore a similar color combination last week, but I think this has a slightly different look. Also, I know I wore this cardigan yesterday, but it was the best choice for covering my shoulders and back. I tried wearing a t-shirt underneath and felt like I was getting dressed for my 5th grade class picture, so that was out. So in the end, this turned into several remixes at once. I think it's okay though. I felt pretty, and that's pretty much my only measure for whether an outfit works.

Also, this watch! This was my great-grandmother's, whose name was Emilie (my parents changed the spelling to make it more likely to be spelled right). It has her maiden initials engraved on the back, so it's from the 1920s at the latest, since her oldest child, my grandfather, was born in 1929. It's in good working order, but the leather band was broken and I hadn't worn it in a couple of years. So when I was getting Cary's watches fixed, I got mine fixed too. 

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