Wednesday, May 25, 2011

University of Five Guys Fashion


Academia: Today, I went to work and tried to make my body forget I ate Five Guys for dinner last night. That restaurant is so delicious, and so likely to make you feel gross after you eat it. My Five Guys belly played a big role in my fashion choices today...

Sartorial: ... mainly in that I didn't want to wear a belt (gasp, but I'm a blogger!), denim, pants of any kind, really, or anything that would squeeze my midsection in any way, shape, or form. So I pulled out this skirt and top and all of a sudden became College Emily again.

I got both of these pieces in college, and they're pretty representative of what "dressed up" meant to me when I was 21. Solid colored shirt, patterned a-line skirt. I didn't wear this every day (shorts and t-shirts were for every day), but for fancy occasions, this was what I relied on.

I actually got the skirt to wear when I studied abroad in Spain in 2005, because I heard that Spanish women dressed up more than American women. Which turned out to be 100% true - it was not quite as hot as the surface of the sun in Sevilla that summer, and everyone was walking around in dresses and heels. I wore skirts or capris every day. It was a good sartorial experience - got me out of my t-shirt rut. And, you know, that whole "living in another country" thing was a good experience too. 

College Me in the skirt during a weekend trip to Portugal.
Also, I joined Independent Fashion Bloggers today. I thought it seemed like a good way to get plugged in to the blogging community. I haven't set up my profile or even figured out where to find the button so I can put it on my homepage (help, anyone?), but I've gotten a LOT of friend requests. So, is that normal, my more experienced blogger friends? I mean, I'm happy to be friends with anyone. But did I get all these requests because I am so plainly fabulous that everyone wants to be friends with me, or because this is pretty normal for everyone who joins IFB?

Edit: Five minutes after I posted this, I went back to IFB and saw the big "Get the IFB badge!" link on my dashboard. It took six years of higher education to attain this level of intelligence, y'all.

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