Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something Old

Dress: Charlotte Russe circa 1998ish
Cardigan and shoes: Target
Belt: Vintage, thrifted
Necklace: Gift from grandparents when I was 12

Today is Everybody, Everywear's polka dot challenge. When I found out that we would be doing polka dots, I gave my closet a cursory glance, didn't see any polka dots, and decided to go shopping. Then I realized that I had spent all my shopping income for the month and had to reassess the situation. I looked in the very back of my closet and found this dress, which I'm pretty sure I bought in high school during the five minutes that swing dancing was back in. It's strapless and has that 50s A-line cut that I love, but I hadn't worn it since the middle of college, maybe six or seven years ago. 

I have no idea why I kept it so long (maybe I thought I could go as Lucy Ricardo for Halloween?), but I'm really glad I did. It actually fits better now than it did in high school, because it was a little big then and now I have the body of a grown-up instead of a teenager (which is my favorite way to say I weigh more now than I did in high school). I felt great in this outfit all day, and am planning to put this dress back into circulation. So thanks, EBEW, for forcing me to rediscover it!


  1. I'm glad we could help you rediscover this dress. It's a good one and it fits you like a glove!

    Thanks for joining us at EBEW today!
    The Auspicious Life

  2. I'm starting to think that only nerdy English majors and 'academic' type book worms liked that movie for the rhetoric. Well it's our gain! Have a good day toots. xo

  3. I know - I love that they sprinkled in actual dialogue from The Taming of the Shrew, like "I burn, I pine, I perish!" But since I'm both a nerdy English major and an academic type book worm, that makes sense :)

  4. Fab rediscovery! The lines of this dress suit your figure just perfectly.

  5. SPOT ON! :D Lovely look! Greetings from a fellow polka girl from EBEW!


    P.S: I'm giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog's Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! :D

  6. Thanks! I just checked out your blog and I think it's great! I traveled in Germany last summer and loved it. I didn't get up to Berlin, but my husband did and really enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!


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