Monday, March 7, 2011

Something Borrowed

Is God telling me a joke here? Not sure why I'm laughing at the sky.

Dress: Nine West via SteinMart
Jacket: LOFT
Tights: Target
Shoes: Rack Room
Earrings: Thrifted
Necklace: c/o Brian Moody

First of all, I'm not pregnant, although I think I might look it in these pictures. This dress is just a little big and hangs a little weird in the front. That's good to keep in mind for someday when I am pregnant because this dress will be my best friend, I'm sure, but for now, any baby belly you're seeing is the product of weird camera angles and lack of gym time.

Second, I really love this dress in spite of its faux pregnant appearance. I don't feel like it looks that way in real life. It's cute, comfortable, warm, and has pockets. I love dresses with pockets. The only reason you're just now seeing it on the blog is because it's dry clean only and I suck at getting things to the cleaners. I was going to wear it with bare legs and springy wedges, but winter decided to revisit the Deep South today and I had to break out the tights and closed toe shoes one more time. I know I should enjoy it because we're only a few months away from the blistering heat that lasts until Thanksgiving, but I was ready for spring to be here for good.

Finally, I want to introduce you to my awesome friend Brian Moody and his gorgeous jewelry. Sometimes I feel like I got Brian in a two-for-one deal - he was friends with Cary long before Cary and I met, so when I married Cary, I got Brian too. And I'm so glad! In addition to being a dear friend, Brian is an elementary school teacher by day and an artist/jeweler by night, and he has been nice enough to a) help Cary shop for my engagement ring oh so many years ago, and b) lend me some beautiful pieces to wear on this blog. He's in the process of getting a store set up on, so as soon as it's ready, I'll let y'all know and you can check it out. I was going to wait to wear the jewelry until then, but I liked it too much for that so I just went ahead and wore it. Here's the necklace I'm wearing today, which might be my favorite. I'm kind of hoping Brian will just forget I have it after a while.


  1. Half of my wardobe will be just fine when I'm pregnant. Which makes things a bit awkward now, as I am not. And I am loving your blog (and especially your tagline!) So thanks for commenting so I could find you.

  2. Thanks! I love your blog too, so I'm excited you came over here to visit. I made sure to wear something with a cinched waist today, just to make it obvious that I'm definitely not pregnant :)


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