Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The List

Is this George Washington on my necklace? I think it is.
T-shirt: LOFT
Pants: LOFT outlet
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Gift from Cary
Necklace: c/o Brian Moody

I really wanted to wear these pants today. I think they might be my new favorites. They're comfortable, they're stylish, and they cost $13. What more could you ask of pants? This morning I paired them with these wedges, stood in front of the mirror, and was happy. The only problem was that I was also shirtless, because I had an awful time figuring out what shirt to wear. I wanted something patterned, but I realized that I have exactly two patterned shirts, one of which I wore with these pants last week and the other of which is black and white and all I have worn this week is black and white. I decided on this blue t-shirt, which is a little boring but if nothing else, a good background for this necklace from my friend Brian Moody (etsy store coming soon!). And then I made a list.

The List is a list of key pieces that I am missing from my wardrobe, things like a white oxford button-down or a little black dress that isn't gray from too much washing. I'm hoping The List will help me be more intentional when I shop, because I tend to just buy whatever looks cute and is inexpensive. This is how I ended up with 87 solid-color blouses and t-shirts (not really 87, but you get the point). I'm not going to try to buy everything on The List at once, but instead use it as a guide for future shopping trips.

Here is The List as it stands right now:
  1. Oxford button-down (white or other neutralish color)
  2. Two or three patterned blouses
  3. Pencil skirt
  4. Trouser jeans that fit (because mine don't)
  5. Little black dress that is an appropriate length to go from day to evening
  6. Light-colored summer heels or wedges (I have my eye on you, lovely Target wedges. You may or may not be the reason this item is even on The List.)
  7. Flats in a color other than red (Same to you, lovely Target flats.)
  8. More accessories like belts, which can dramatically change the way an outfit looks
I also purged my closet of clothes I haven't worn in forever, which goes a long way to appease the voice in the back of my mind saying, "Some people only have one set of clothes, and you have a billion outfits you don't even wear!" Hopefully I can try to purchase what I actually need (as much as anyone with a closet full of clothes needs more clothes - there's that voice again), and not what I just happen across. This will help me budget my discretionary income better too.

How do y'all shop? Do you have a List too? Are you, like me, plagued by a voice that calls you a clothes horse?


  1. Sadly, I don't shop. haha No money for the unforeseeable future. And good for you for doing Lent! And you are so right--every little baby step helps! I appreciate you sharing that with me, too. : )

  2. Thanks! I usually give things up for Lent, but my mom says she sometimes takes new things on instead, so that's what I decided to do this year.

    It's great to meet another Christian fashion blogger :) I like how open you are about your faith on your blog.


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