Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Rain in Spain (and Other Countries)

Perfect earrings for me!
Silk blouse: Banana Republic, waaaaaay on sale
Cardigan and shoes: LOFT
Jeans: Levi's 545s
Earrings: c/o Brian Moody

I had a very cute cotton blouse and skirt picked out for today, but then it rained all last night and with the rain came the cold. Too much cold for summer clothes, anyway. So I regrouped and put this warmer ensemble together. The blouse feels like the sartorial representation of rain to me - watery silk, pale lavender-gray color - so I thought it was perfect for a rainy day. I added the cardigan for a punch of color.

We had new student orientation this morning, so world map earrings seemed like the right call. I'm seriously considering buying these from Brian, although that might be my first step down the path to becoming one of those teachers who wears theme clothing. You know, pumpkin sweaters on Halloween, candy cane sweaters at Christmas, heart sweaters on Valentine's Day. It always seems to be sweaters, doesn't it? You never see theme blazers or trouser jeans. As long as I limit my theme dressing to earrings, though, I'm probably in the clear.


  1. I've been seeing chiffon-y pleats everywhere lately - so cute!

  2. Thanks! You know what's funny is that I actually bought this over a year ago, so either I was ahead of the curve or Banana Republic was.

    Probably Banana Republic was... I usually am behind the curve by several miles :)


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